Hi, I’m

Rebeckah Price

Nike Canada Trainer

Favourite NTC workout:
Total Body Refresh Flow

Go To Nike Sneaker (To Workout in & To Wear in Life):
Running: React Infinity Run Flyknit
To Wear in Life: Air Max 90 or Air Max 95

Top Tip for Anyone Starting Out:
When it comes to yoga, meet your body on the mat just the way it is. It is called a yoga practice for a reason.

Fun Fact About Yourself:
I quote rap lyrics as daily mantras. My current rap mantra: "They say anything is possible. You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles."

Favourite Place in the City for a Shake/Healthy Post-Workout Meal:
Ital Vital and Leafy Green Juice Bar (it's a Scarborough thing)

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Favourite Workout
12-Minute Abs & Arms
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