Hi, I’m

Josh Adamson

Nike Canada Trainer

Favourite NTC Workout:
Anything with arms and glutes!

Go To Nike Sneaker (To Workout in & To Wear in Life):
To Train: In any type of Metcon, but the Metcon 6 rocks my world.
For Everyday Wear: Air Force 1’s ALL DAY!!!

Top Tip for Anyone Starting Out:
Focus on the process and not the result. When you glorify the process and stack wins everyday, the result will come.

Fun Fact About Yourself:
I have played drums on and off since I was 12 and currently play in a death metal band here in T.O.

Favourite Place in the City for a Shake/Healthy Post-Workout Meal:
Impact Kitchen (I can’t say burgers priest right? Haha)

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Favourite Workout
12-Minute Abs & Arms
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