Hi, I’m

Jesse Lindsey

NRC Coach

Favourite NRC Audio Guided Run or Workout:
90's Speed Run

Go To Nike Sneaker (To Run In & To Wear in Life):
Run- Tempo Next % or Pegasus
Life- Blazers

Top Tip for Anyone Starting Out:
Create a route and have a destination! Knowing where you're running to allows you to envision your run from start to finish - mentally preparing you for what's ahead, which is often the biggest hurdle!

Favourite Place in the City to Run:
Leslieville - has Riverdale Park with a track and a big hill. The Pan-Am path, Martin Goodman trail and Woodbine beach are close by too and are great for running!

Fun Fact:

  • I got my first coaching gig when I was 14, coaching my sister's soccer team
  • I've run a 4.42 - 40 yard dash
  • I've broken 4 bones playing sports, but none while running
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Favourite Workout
12-Minute Abs & Arms
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