Hi, I’m

Inge Boerma

NRC Coach

Favourite NRC Audio Guided Run or Workout:
Stress Free Run (my oh my do I recommend it! Gave me all kinds of warm and fuzzies)

Go To Nike Sneaker (To Run In & To Wear in Life):
Nike Trail Pegasus (both nice for running and style points)

Top Tip for Anyone Starting Out:
The day you decide to go out for a run, you are a runner. Welcome! There's no accomplishment you need to achieve to earn that title, it's yours to take.

Fun Fact:

  1. I never wash my lucky race hats, one I've worn in 3 different marathons and 2 ultramarathons. That sweat was earned! (is this too gross?)
  2. I've done the speed Project twice (6 man relay from LA to Vegas)
  3. Finish lines always get me a little teary, no matter if I'm running or I know someone running. If you find me there, be warned - the amount of inspiration that can be found there makes me a little emotional.

Favourite Place in the City to Run:
The rail path, there's a little dirt path right next to the cement path that I love to run on, it's nice and soft before you hit back to the concrete sidewalks of the city.

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12-Minute Abs & Arms
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