Hi, I’m

Brittany Moran

NRC Coach

Favourite NRC Audio Guided Run or Workout:
I have loved using the headspace NRC guided runs lately. A few I have done: Mindful Meters, Mindful Miles and A Whole Run. They have Olympic athletes that share their experience and mindsets, and also Coach Bennett and Andy Puddicombe (of Headspace), whom are both so insightful and I always come back from these runs a little more grounded.

Go To Nike Sneaker (To Run In & To Wear in Life):
I have to choose just one?! The running shoe I do the most mileage in is the Zoom Pegasus 37, but my last couple Personal Bests were in the Zoom Next%.

For wearing in life, I am a big fan of the Air Max 270. I have a pair with pink on the heel that I love!

Top Tip for Anyone Starting Out:
Be patient and keep going! Running is hard, but it is totally worth it. Be sure to celebrate the achievements along the way, enjoy the process, and look back at how far you have come! Also, there is no such thing as being slow, I like to tell athletes, "you are beating everyone on the couch!"

I also love the quote from Nike: ‘If you have a body you are an athlete, if you are an athlete you are a runner’! All it takes is the first step out the door.

Fun Fact:
I first fell in love with running in elementary school because I could beat the boys and it has been a love affair with running ever since. I am a lifelong runner that started on the track and cross country course and now I run marathons!

Favourite Place in the City to Run:
I absolutely love running on the Martin Goodman Trail. It is a great space, beautiful, and runs along Lake ON - perfect for runners because you never have to stop! BUT the main reason I love it is because I know I will see so many familiar faces out there also working hard towards their goals. The Toronto running community is amazing, and it is so great to see it in action on MGT.

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